Laxå kommun
Laxå kommun

Welcome to Laxå!

Laxå is a small municipality

In the middle of the middle of Sweden you will find Laxå at the highway E 20 and road 205. You can also get here by train and there are very good railroad connections to Laxå both from the south of Sweden, Gothenburg and Malmo, and from Stockholm, the north east of Sweden.

A trip from Gothenburg to Laxå or Stockholm to Laxå takes just about two hours by car or by train.

Touristbuss Tiveden

In the summer there is a possibility to use public transport from Laxå to Tiveden, Karlsborg and back.

This bus only drives on order and has to be booked in advance, at least 36 hours before.

See on the timeschedule, how the tourplanning is.

Booking through Laxå Tourist Office, tel 0046 584 10 920
Weekdays 10:00 to 16:00,
Saturday 10.00-12.00

or directly to the driver Stefan 0046 702 535 668

Otherwise you can book a taxi: tel 0046 583 10435

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