Laxå kommun
Laxå kommun

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The municipality of Laxå consists of Laxå as the main town and it is surrounded by smaller villages as Tived with its fantastic old forest and wild nature, Röfors, Finnerödja are both surrounded by a lot of nice lakes with great fishing- waters and lovely bathing-places.

You will also find a lot of camping a round this area. Hasselfors and Porla are very close to each other and Porla used to be a health resort and you can now visit pretty houses and attractive nature around these places just out side of Laxå, approximately 20 minutes trip.
Wild forest You can hike in the deep forest of Tiveden and the national park of Tived or in some of our other beautiful nature reserves in this area. It is possible to go canoeing, or go cycling on our lovely routes around the lakes of Skagern and Unden. We have new horse back riding routes as well and we can arrange every trip after your special requirements.

The municipalities of Laxå and Askersund are working together in our destination that is called "Tiveden - Norra Vättern" and for further information please follow the link www.tiveden.selänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

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The centralsquare in Laxa